Customers’ Terms and Conditions is a site operated by VCP Europa Ltd. We are a limited company registered in England and Wales under company number  10004665  and vat  255450410.

VCP Europa offers customers through its website the opportunity to obtain / accept a quotations for  man and van/removal /courier and dispatch service

Customers wishing to use VCP Europa’s service acknowledge having read and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions. 

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit or exclude our liability to you for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation or any other liability that may not, under English law, be limited or excluded.  Subject to this, in no event shall we be liable to you for any business losses, damages or injuries sustained during any removal related task, any liability we do have for losses you suffer is strictly limited to losses that were reasonably foreseeable.


Subject to the liability which we accept above, please note:

(a) our aggregate liability to you arising out of or in connection with this agreement or use of the website shall not exceed the fees paid by you for your use of the service in the preceding 1 month; and

(b) we shall not be liable in contract, tort or otherwise howsoever arising out of or in connection with this agreement or use of the website for any indirect loss, consequential loss, loss of profits, data, revenue, business opportunity, anticipated savings, goodwill or reputation.


Please be aware that individual service providers on the platform may be subject to their own Terms & Conditions in relation to the requirements of their insurers.  These Terms & Conditions are available upon request.



1. Using the Website

1.1 Use of and access to our website is solely for the pupose of obtaing a quote for an intended future move by the customer and If accepted then get a in principle booking confirmation note.

1.2 Customers must be at least 18 years of age to use VCP Europa and must provide up-to-date, valid and complete contact information with a valid email address.

1.3 Please be aware that you are responsible for making all arrangements required for you to access the website and you are also responsible for ensuring that all persons accessing the website via your internet connection are aware of and comply with these terms and conditions.

1.4 You may use the website only for lawful purposes and not in any way that is fraudulent, unlawful or that breaches any relevant law or regulation, whether local, national or international.

Each clause of these Terms operates separately.  If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining clauses remain in full effect.

1.5 You must not knowingly transmit any data or material that contains viruses or any other harmful programs designed to adversely affect the operation of any computer software or hardware.

1.6 You must not duplicate, copy or resell any part of our website in direct contravention of these Terms and Conditions.

1.7 We retain the right to determine whether there has been a breach of our Terms and Conditions through your use of our website and when a breach has occurred we may take any action we deem to be appropriate.


2. Intellectual Property Rights

2.1 We are the owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights in our website and in the material published on it.  Copyright laws are in force and all such rights are reserved.

2.2 You must not use any part of any material on our website for commercial purposes without obtaining a license to do so from us.

2.3 You may print off one copy and may download extracts of any pages from our site for your personal reference but you must not modify the paper or digital copies you have printed off or downloaded in any way.

2.4 You shall not acquire or use the words “VCP Europa” or any variant that includes the words “VCP Europa” as a trademark or any related intellectual property.

3. Jurisdiction

3.1 The jurisdiction of the English courts shall apply in exclusivity over any claim arising from, or related to, a visit to our website.  We also retain the right to bring proceedings against you for breach of these Terms and Conditions in your country of residence or any other relevant country.

3.2 These Terms and Conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with them, shall be governed by and construed with the law of England and Wales.

4. Feedback

4.1 For each transaction you can, if you wish, rate your service provider by leaving Feedback on our site and are permitted to leave one review per booking.

4.2 You are not permitted to threaten your service provider with negative feedback in order to obtain goods or services not included in the initial quote for the job.

4.3 In the event of negative feedback being left for a service provider, VCP Europa reserve the right to investigate the circumstances surrounding such feedback, and modify or not publish the feedback if it is deemed to be unfounded negative feedback.  This will be done without your prior consent.

4.4  In the event of a dispute (internal or legal)  between customer and service provider, no feedback will be published on the driver's account until the dispute is resolved.  In the event of the dispute being resolved in the driver's favour, VCP Europa reserve the right to withhold publication of feedback if it is then deemed to be unfounded negative feedback.

5. Fees

5.1 Upon filling the required fiels In the booking page ,the website shall display the fees that is calculated.You pay the full amount by credit or debit card securely.

5.2 When booking with us you are booking for one trip only.  If you wish the driver to make more than one trip for you, you are able to either add this into the booking using the 'add stop' option, so that this is factored into the quote you receive.   Alternatively, you are able to ask the driver to do this on the day, however, he will charge you his via stop fee for any additional trip, plus a mileage charge for the additional mileage.

5.3 Customers are responsible for payment of additional monies if a booking exceeds the time booked for.  The driver's half hourly rate for additional time is displayed on the Quotes Page under the main quotes, and is also specified on the email confirmation you receive on booking. The driver will make you aware when your booking is about to exceed the time booked for and at that point, if you confirm that you wish the driver to continue and complete the booking, any additional monies for extra time should be paid in cash to the driver at the completion of the job.

5.4 Customers are responsible for payment of additional monies if they omit a relevant stair charge from their booking and subsequently require the driver to carry goods up/down stairs.  The stair charge is clearly visible on the Quote Form and you are required to make a selection in this regard before being able to proceed with the booking.

5.5 Customers are responsible for payment of the booking, together with any additional overtime payment, at the conclusion of the booking.  Should the drivers be required to wait for that payment, their half hourly rate for the booking will apply for all additional time they are required to wait.

5.6 Service providers are responsible for the collection of monies owed at the conclusion of a job and also payment of all VAT associated with the provision of services to the customer.

6. Cancellations policy

Cancellation made  in more than   48 hours  prior to your pick-up time, shall entitle you for full refund of any card payments .  Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the pick-up time will be charged a 35% cancellation fee.

If your booking is unable to go ahead due to van size issues or other unforeseen problems which are outside of the driver's control, you will be charged a 35% cancellation fee for the driver. You are requested to choose the right size van conforming to the inventory.

The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 are not applicable to service Contracts which provide for the transport of goods on a specific date or period for performance.

7. Driver Insurance- All insurance claims are subject to a £250 Excess.

VCP Europa service provider drivers come with a full and valid UK driving license, goods in transit, public liability and motor insurance cover, so in the event of any damage or injury to your items, property or persons during the removal you should initially contact the driver who will advise on how to proceed. Please be aware that Goods in Transit insurance covers property only for damage whilst in transit in the van.  

8. Goods in Transit Insurance and public liability Insurance

All our service providers are adequately covered for any eventuality

9. Your Responsibilities

Information and other materials posted on our website are not intended to amount to advice upon which reliance should be placed. We disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such materials by any user of our website.

9.1 Van Sizes

It is entirely the customer’s responsibility to choose the correct size vehicle. Our Customer Services Team can give you all the relevant measurements to help you make the right choice or you can view our Size Guide.

9.2 Parking

Suitable parking arrangements for the service provider will be made by you, the customer, at your own expense.  These include, but are not limited to, suspended bays, parking permits, width restrictions and parking distances from your premises.  You will fully indemnify the service provider if fines or penalties are incurred as a result of your failure to make said arrangements.

9.3 Packing

It is the customer’s responsibility to pack everything properly (unless packing services are requested).  VCP Europa does not accept responsibility for damage or breakage caused by poor packing.

9.4 Fridge freezers

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all fridge freezers are fully defrosted (VCP Europa and its service providers are not liable for their contents) and  all other appliances must be completely dry with no residual fluid;

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all fridge freezers are fully emptied (so as to lessen the weight)  and free from any kitchen casing/unit fitting.

After a fridge or freezer is delivered and put in place, we suggest that it is left for 24 hours to settle before it is powered back on.

9.5  Washing Machines/Dishwasher

It is the customer's responsibility to un-plumb washing machines/dishwashers prior to our arrival.  Service providers on the website are man and van services and not plumbers.  Although they may be prepared to uninstall a washing machine or  dishwasher, or reinstall a washing machine or dishwasher at your specific request, they take no responsibility for this.  This is done as a goodwill gesture only and is not a service we offer.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that that all washing machines/dishwashers are free from any kitchen casing/unit fitting.

9.6 Dismantling of Furniture etc

It is the customer’s responsibility to dismantle items before our arrival.  This is to include any unit, system, furniture or beds, unless this service has been requested in the brief description box which can be found under the vehicle images on the My Move page.  Our drivers all carry basic tools but any specialist tools required for the disassembly/reassembly of furniture should be provided by the customer.

9.7 Access to the new Property

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that all items are able to be moved into the new property (for example, wardrobe, bed, sofa etc). We are not insured for removing any windows or making new entrances to the property.

9.8 Customer Delays

If any delay is caused by the customer (e.g. everything is not packed, waiting for keys, incorrect address, etc) our service providers reserve the right to add an extra cost to the final bill.

9.9 Changes to the Collection Time

If the customer wants to change the pick-up time to a confirmed booking  we cannot guarantee availability so please contact the service provider directly.  The service provider’s contact details can be found on the confirmation email.

9.10  Completion of Booking

It is the customer's responsibility to check and ensure that the interior of the van is empty of all goods before the van leaves the final address listed on the booking and the booking is then concluded.

We are not responsible for items left in the van and you agree that you are liable for any costs incurred by the service provider in returning your items after a booking has been completed.

9.11 Customer Conduct

No abuse will be tolerated to our drivers or staff.

If the driver is forced to terminate a job because of abuse from a customer, the customer will still be charged in full.

We retain the right to cancel a booking in the event that the customer is abusive to our staff.

No complaint will be handled by VCP Europa if the the customer is abusive to our staff and in this event the customer will be required to liaise with the service provider directly.

9.11  Recycling Centre

If you require the driver to attend your local recycling centre, it is your responsibility to check with the centre you intend to use that a waste disposal license is not required.  In general, our drivers will not carry these.  Also, please check if there will be an additional fee for the van entering and using the centre's facilities, as you will be responsible for this charge.

Please note:  If you require the driver to dispose of garden waste at a recycling centre, the waste will need to be bagged up so it is able to be disposed of without dirtying the interior of the van.

9.12  Travelling in the Van

In most of our Vans two passengers along with the driver can travel comfortably.

9.14  Stairs

Please note that our drivers have a stair charge if you require them to carry your goods up or down any flights of stairs during your booking.  For this reason, when you book with us you are asked to select if there are stairs at either collection or delivery address, and if so, how many flights.   You are provided with a drop-down box to select how may flights there are at each address and a flight is classed as anything more than 8 consecutive steps.

Please be aware that if there is a lift that can be used to transport your goods, the driver's stair charge does  not  apply.  

10.  Links on our Website

Our website contains links to other websites and resources provided by third parties.  These links are provided for your information only and we have no control over the contents of those sites or resources.  We therefore accept no responsibility for those sites or resources or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.

11. Privacy

11.1 Your privacy is very important to us and we will only distribute your personal details to trusted driver members and third party companies. Any details we hold for you are held on an encrypted server and will be deleted after 6 months.

11.2 By using our website you warrant that all information provided by you is up-to-date and accurate.

11.3  We will only use your personal information in the following ways:

        *  when arranging service providers to physically carry out your move and to provide the services expressly stated as the obligations                of VCP Europa in these terms;

       *   to process your payment for the services;

       *   as you agreed upon booking with us, to give you information about similar services that we provide;

       *   we will only give your personal information to [other] third parties where the law either requires or allows us to do.

12. Disputes

Any disputes with regards to any man and van removal related jobs or tasks, should be raised with VCP Europa, in writing, so we can investigate fully. By using our website and booking platform you agree to release VCP Europa Ltd from all claims of every nature, known or unknown, and we will not be connected in any way with such dispute.

Even if we are not responsible, we will always try and help if something goes wrong with your booking and will try and resolve the problem in line with our advertised Complaints Procedure.  All complaints should be made in writing via email to so that they can then be raised with the service provider.

We will do everything we reasonably can to carry out our side of this agreement, but there may be times when we cannot perform our obligations because:

      *  laws' regulations or a government authority stops us;

      * circumstances beyond our control that we cannot remedy, i.e. extreme weather; road closures; driver illness; failure of mobile                       networks.

13. Confirmed Bookings

Confirmed bookings from VCP Europa are exclusive of VAT.


14. Non-Payment

14.1 We reserve the right to impose immediate temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use our website.

14.2 We reserve the right, upon non-payment to a service provider, to register your details with various blacklists and credit reference agencies.

14.3  Service providers have the right to hold your goods (lien) until all money owed under the contract you have with them, including applicable interest, has been paid.  This includes costs incurred for storage and legal costs.

14.4  If full payment of any monies owed by you to the service provider is not received within 28 days, we shall be entitled to sell the goods or deal with them as we think reasonable and apply any proceeds towards our costs incurred and the outstanding money owed.

14.5 We also reserve the right to disclose any information to law enforcement authorities as we deem appropriate.

14.6 We do not accept Paypa/bank chargebacks and in the event of such, will pursue legal enforcement to reclaim our fee.

14.7 We do not store credit/debit card details as standard, however, we reserve the right to recharge a debit/credit card in the event of non-payment.

15. Self Loading

If the customer chooses a self-loading service, they are solely liable for any damage to their items. The man and van/removal service will not have any involvement in the loading and unloading of items. Insurances will only cover your items in the event of a road traffic accident.

16. Equipment

All of our man and van drivers and removal companies carry trolleys, straps and blankets but you can add any additional requirements in the brief description box which can be found under the vehicle images on the My Move page.

17. Minimum Charge

17.1  There is a 2 hour minimum charge on all bookings. After the first 2 hours, our service providers charge every half hour thereafter at their respective half hourly rate (service providers’ half hourly charges are displayed on the Quotes Page under the main quotes).

17.2  No time will be refunded under any circumstances for any hours booked irrespective of how many hours have been used.       When booking a driver, you automatically block out his calendar for the period of time you book for and he is unable to take on any further bookings for that time period.  He will therefore expect to receive full payment for that booked time.

17.3  There is no refund for via stops not used.  When booking a driver, you automatically block out his calendar for the period of time you book for and he is unable to take on any further bookings for that time period.  He will therefore expect to receive full   payment for that booked time.

17.4  If you need to change the date & time of your booking and the driver is unavailable for the updated time, VCP Europa will always try to reallocate you a new service provider for the same price.

17.5  In the rare event VCP Europa cannot reallocate you with a new driver, we will provide you with an updated quote from a driver who is available for the new time.

17.6  In order to to be fully refunded for your first booking, you will need to book the new updated quote.

17.7  Failure to re-book will mean your deposit amount is non refundable.  This will be used towards a cancellation fee for the     driver who will have been unable to receive bookings for the time he was reserved by you, and administration time spent trying to recover the booking.

17.8  Any remaining balances that have been paid when booking will be refunded without delay.

18. Congestion Charge/T Zone/Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

18.1   From 22.06.2020 the Congestion Charge will increase to £15.00 and operate between 07:00 and 22:00 seven days a week.  The Congestion Charge is added to the online quotes you receive if your move either begins or ends inside the Congestion Zone.  A clear warning is given on the drivers' quotes to inform you that your move will incur the Congestion Charge prior to booking.

18.2    If your booking starts or finishes in the Congestion Zone and the service provider's vehicle registration is older than 2005, the Central London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will also apply.  The ULEZ Zone is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. The service provider is responsible for payment of the £12.50 ULEZ charge.

19. Delays

19.1   All of our service providers do their very best to be on time, but there may be delays caused by circumstances out of our control (for example, weather, traffic, etc.).

19.2   We do not accept responsibility for any customer losses due to out of our control pick-up/delivery delays.

19.3  A copy of our refund policy is attached as a pdf document to your confirmation email.   In the event of delay, you will be contacted prior to your pick up time by the man and van driver or removal service and kept up to date with an estimated time of arrival.

19.4   Any Lateness Refund issued is taken as a percentage of the booking total, excluding any additional monies paid on the booking.

20. If VCP Europa does Not Accept your Booking Request.

20.1   If VCP Europa is unable to find a service provider who will undertake the service, or such service provider decides not to accept your booking, you will be notified as soon as possible in writing or by telephone. VCP Europa will use its reasonable endeavours to try and find another service provider to undertake the booking. 

20.2  If for any reason your original driver is unable to complete your booking, we undertake to find you a replacement service to honour your booking. Any replacement service will be of equivalent insurance level to the original driver. 

20.3  By booking with us you accept that you may incur a driver change.

20.4  Accepting your booking request is at VCP Europa’s and / or its service provider’s discretion.

21. Non-Attendance

In the highly unlikely event the man and van driver or removal company does not arrive at your pick up address as arranged, please contact our Customer Support Team immediately at

22. Payment

All payments made to service providers must be made in cash or by pre-arranged credit or debit card. Any other kind of payment must be agreed with VCP Europa and made at least 3 days before moving day.

23. Losses/Damage

23.1   We do not accept responsibility for damaged or lost property once the job is complete and payment is made.

23.2   In the unlikely event of any damage to your items, we have strict conditions placed on us by our insurance company.  All damage or loss must be reported within 24 hours of the completion of your booking.  In the event that damage is reported to us, corroborating pictures of the damage should be supplied within 72 hours of the booking taking place, failing which a damage complaint cannot be processed.

23.3   In the event that a customer is expressly advised that a specialist mover/service should be booked for their move, no liability will be accepted for damage to goods/property should the customer decide to proceed with the booking in any event.

23.4   In the event that a customer is expressly advised that items should be dismantled prior to the move, no liability will be accepted for damage to goods/property should the customer decide to proceed with the booking without following said advice.

23.5   If reporting damage to goods which have been placed in storage and which only becomes evident on the goods being removed from storage, proof must be submitted that no third party has had access to the storage unit in the intervening period.  This can be obtained on request from the storage unit Manager.  

23.6  If reporting missing goods which have been placed in storage and which only becomes evident on the goods being removed from storage, proof must be submitted that no third party has had access to the storage unit in the intervening period.  This can be obtained on request from the storage unit Manager.

23.7   It is essential that you have original dated photos of the item(s) concerned. Please note that any damage claims made after the 24 hour period expires will not be considered.

23.8   Any estimates in relation to replacement/repair of damaged goods or property must be provided within 28 days of the move date. Estimates provided beyond this time cannot be considered.

23.9   The service provider will not be held liable for damage if it is determined that your goods were already damaged, or had an inherent defect.

23.10  In the event that the driver is assisted in a booking by a customer or other third party provided by the customer, the driver shall not be held solely liable for damage caused to goods or property.  If a booking is booked as 'no help required', we cannot assist with any claim for damage.

23.11  Please note that without photographic evidence that goods were undamaged prior to your move, we are unable to compensate for scratched furniture, walls or flooring. (This is due to the difficulty in assigning liability for such damage in the absence of definitive proof). 

23.12  We are unable to process a damage complaint for any communal area in a property.  This is due to the communal nature of usage and the difficulty in assigning responsibility for damage.

23.13  No complaint will be considered if the booking has not been paid in full.

23.14  No complaint will be considered if raised more than 28 days from the date of the booking. 

23.15 If multiple bookings have been made by a customer and any of those bookings remains unpaid in full, no complaint can be considered on any subsequent booking until that debt has been discharged.

23.16  Any complaint under investigation will be considered void if the customer fails to respond to correspondence from us for a period in excess of 28 days.

23.17  Any refund offer expires if not accepted within 28 days of the date that it was first offered.

23.18 Your driver may ask you to sign a disclaimer if he feels your items are either not protected adequately or could be damaged in the move for other reasons which are beyond his control. Please remember any claim for damage carries a £250 excess and our maximum claim per item is £500.  The maximum claim per booking is capped at £1,000.  Extra insurance for high-value goods can be arranged by calling our Customer Service on ______________.

23.19  By using the platform you agree that our liability to you is capped at £1,000 per booking.  If you accept any cash compensation paid by us in relation to a booking, your acceptance will be in full and final settlement

Updated July 2020